The committee of 2013/2014 are as follows:

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Sheldon Ford - Chairman
Hello, my name is Sheldon and I've been climbing for 1 year. 1 YEAR! And so far, I love it.
I came to the University of Surrey after working for two years in a gym environment. The demanding nature of the sport appealed to me. Climbing is EXTREMELY physical and requires a very specific fitness. Being able to charter your progress as you excel through the grades is immensely satisfying.
The University of Surrey Mountaineering Club was very welcoming last year and I have seriously enjoyed myself so far. I look forward to going on more trips this year and developing a passion for outdoor climbing; so far, all it does is scare the hell out of me! To be fair, I find any rope climbing scary. I hope you have a similarly good time with the USMC.
'Mega' Dave Robson - Secretary
This will be my 3rd year with the club, and even though I'll be on placement I hope to spend more time climbing then ever! This year I hope to finally sort out some trad related faff and again push my grade both indoors and outdoors. Hopefully I'll gain another wide number of nicknames on the way to add to my already large repertoire, and go on more outdoor UK trips (there must be some good bouldering somewhere). I'm looking forward to spending more time with everyone in the club, whilst both sober and drunk, and can't wait to see how this year goes!
Tiffany Stoneman - Treasurer
This will be my third year with the club, but I've been climbing for 10. Over the last two years I've been slowly getting myself back up to my peak (excuse the pun!) after a few minor injuries, jumping back on good old sport leading, and exploring crags across the seas. I love every aspect of climbing - being outdoors, the gear, the scenery, and above all the awesome people. I look forward to getting more involved during my final year at uni, and improving even further. It's about time I learned to lead trad too... We shall see. Here's to more adventures!"
Isobel White - Social Secretary
If I could describe my club experience in one word, it would be 'drunk'. Not to say I didn't have an awesome time sober, but they didn't give me the title of 'The Loose Cannon' for nothing! I'm so so so excited for every event this year and I want the whole club to be just as buzzed; besides climbing and partying are one and the same (like princess and twincess). This year brings more pubs, more silly games and much much more RAD!
Richard D. Nash - Trips Officer
It has been said that I am the love child of Novelty Matt and Angry Brian, my two predecessors as trips officer. Something I'm likely to live up to. Trips this year will be to the soundtrack of cheese and electronic beats. I will dress obnoxiously at any given opportunity and I'm likely to be highly boozed at the same time. I'm on placement this year so I have plenty of time in the day to slack off and sort club trips so they should come thick and fast. Aiming to get to a few places this year I've never been and I'm hoping that being on loads of trips this year will get me towards the all important "E1 before you graduate" rule.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to clear up that I'm not running trips like a Nazi as some have suggested. I'm just efficient. Savvy?
Tom 'The Italian Stallion' Foschini - Training Officer
I've been in the club for 4 years now and this is my second time as training officer. I am the definition of what you would call a "Dirty Boulderer" but I'm doing my best to change! Still not a fan of Trad but my aim this year is to get good at sport climbing. I'm responsible for organizing the training and my goal is to have everyone kick ass by Easter. Just remember one thing...NO PAIN NO GAIN
Gabriel Ng - Bouldering Team Captain
Likes bouldering....
Alex 'Twindle' Davis - Equipment Officer
In short, this club is awesome and I plan to do my best this year to help keep it that way! This will be my 4th year climbing with the USMC and my second time on the committee and I can't wait to see what this years intake of freshers will bring. I'd say my favourite style of climbing in the UK is trad but I'll never say no to a bit of sport in the Alps or a even week of Font bouldering!
'Novelty' Matt Wake - Web Geek
Has been in the club too long and has a real job so it's taken him far too long to update the site!
Hannah 'Nick' Burrows - Nick of the Club
I have been climbing with the club for about four years now and I've had an amazing time! I chose to be "Nick of the Club" this year as a way to stay involved with the club now that I have graduated. I also drive minibuses and will occasionally make cakes for the club! I hope to continue doing lots of awesome climbing this year, both in the UK and hopefully also more places around the world, and I'm looking forward to meeting all the new people that will join the club this year!

Previous committees: 07/08, 08/09, 10/11, 11/12.

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