The committee of 2008/2009 are as follows:

Charlie "Weeman" Cooper - Chairman
I've been climbing for 2 years, both with the club. A good weekend for me would be a sunny trip to the peaks, doing a few climbs and then relaxing in the sun.
"Dirty" Bob Dunn - Secretary
Daniel "Daz" Sear - Treasurer
This is my fourth year in the club. My favourite time of year is Easter, in time for splosh where I can play at the wonderful Trewavas crag and do stupid things after a night in the meadery.
Dave "Mark II" West - Social Secretary
Jessica Cooney - Trips Officer
Becky Brown - Training Officer
Andy Miller - Equipment Officer
I have been climbing for one year now and that has been with the club, i like mountaineering and climbing so will be outdoors no matter what the weather on any trip!
James Williamson - Web Geek
This is my third year in the club now. I enjoy a coolish day with a bit of sun at a nice sport crag.
Andre "Nick?" Steele - Nick of the Club

Committees: 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11, 11/12.

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