The committee of 2009/2010 are as follows:

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Poppy DiPietro - Chairman
This will be my second year in the climbing club. I enjoy all types of climbing and try to climb as much as it is possible to do whilst not failing my degree! I love climbing outdoors and will be on any trip I can!
Becky Warren - Secretary
My first experience climbing was when I came to the University, and have been climbing with the club since. I enjoy all types of climbing, particularly when sunny.
'Maximum' Laura Ede - Treasurer
Climing activities should be taken to the maximum, and now going to my third year i will try to ensure that this happens! I enjoy all climbing, and the epic adventures that it brings!
Jonny Lintott - Social Secretary
This is my second year wih the club and at Surrey. I enjoy both Sport and Trad and wouldn't say no to an occasional bit of bouldering. I make as many club trips as I can and aim to make every tuesday at the vertex
Dave 'MkII' West - Trips Officer
I'm now entering my 3rd year with my placement year at surrey. I enjoy every aspect of the climbing club from the eccentric tweed wearers to the hardcore climbers there is something for everyone here and without it uni wouldn't be as great. My best climbing experience so far has to be the 8 pitch multi-pitch, Two Hot Men.
Nathan 'Gnat' Wallace - Training Officer
I started climbing nearly four years ago and have loved it ever since. This is my second year on the committee having previously served as club secretary. My favourite place to climb in is Ailefroide in the French Alps doing massive 400m multipitch routes!
Jess Cooney - Equipment Officer
James Williamson - Web Geek
Now in my fourth year at university I've spent a long time climbing and learnt so so much. I like bouldering and sport and my favourite place I've been climbing has to be Fontainebleau in France.
Jason Roles - Nick of the Club

Committees: 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11, 11/12.

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