The committee of 2012/2013 are as follows:

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Richard Nash - Chairman
This will be Rich's second year in the club and is vaguely new to the climbing scene. Richard says "I've just started trad leading although I have no real ambitions to ever climb any E grades; I'm happy to have hilarious weekends doing climbs that look pretty/have cool names. I love multi pitches, and I tend to climb through hard bits with a combination of moaning , swearing , and slightly suspect singing. I'm hoping my year as chairman will help me to really get to know more people in the club".
Izzy White - Secretary
This will be Izzy's second year in the club. She says "after climbing for the first time as a fresher I realised I was hooked on the feeling of achievement you get after completing a climb and I'm looking forward to getting outdoors more next year - especially SPLAT! However I'm as much in love with the climbers as the climbing and want to do all I can for the club next year, to raise our profile and show all the freshers why our club and our people are the most awesome!".
Ambitious words from our secretary.
Eleni Vorgia - Treasurer
This will be Eleni's second year with the club (but her fifth year at uni). She has competed with our club in the BUCS bouldering competition last year. Our terrific treasurer has this to say: "This will be my second year with the club (but my fifth at uni). I love sport climbing and have been climbing in various places in the UK and a couple of places in Europe. I want to start pushing my lead grade this year and hope to try and get on as many club trips this year".
Rhian Ford - Social Secretary
This will be Rhian's second year in the club, our club's energetic Welsh girl has this to say "So far I've managed to do a couple trad leads and intend to do lots lots more, while shouting abuse in the little Welsh I know at the cliff. I especially love chimneys - it's a hug from rock! You could say am living proof that you can climb while being petrified of heights! As social secretary I hope to meet loads more new climbers and get more people involved and loving climbing as well as having them find out the brilliance of 'Purple'".
Note: 'Purple' is Rhian's special killer home-mixed alcoholic drink, many have fallen and failed trying to consume this mighty beverage.
'Angry' Brian Starkey - Trips Officer
Our 'angry' club's notherner says "This will be my 5th year with the club, hoping to organise all of the great trips people are accustomed to, as well as maybe spending more time in places we don't get to very often. After recovering from a serious bouldering problem, I've had a good year with UK trad and am going on Splat for some French sport action - Still think ropes are more faff than they're worth though".
David 'Mega' Robson - Training Officer
Dave or otherly known as 'Mega Dave' will be our northern training officer this year where he'll be enjoying his second year in the climbing club. Dave says: "I hope to start doing some trad leads by Christmas, push my grade both indoors and outdoors and expand on my vocabulary of encouraging phrases. I also aim to pass on all the climbing experience I've gained this year from the older club members to next years freshers, as well as get some furious multi-pitches done at some point! (potentially on next years splat trip!)".
Jon Crabb - Equipment Officer
Our equipment officer has this to say: "After joining the club last year, I have jumped into everything to do with climbing which has included regualr visits to the pub. My main interest is trad, especially multi-pitches and I'm aiming to push into the severe range next year with a view to go jump on some big walls in a few years. Using trad gear made me appreciate the time and effort taken to look after all the general climbing equipment the club has. As gear officer I hope to get us some shiny new tents and try to hunt down all the other various bits and bobs as well as helping as many people as possible to start climbing and enjoy it!".
Gerald Campbell - Web Geek
This will be my 5th year in the club which I'm excited in taking on the web geek role in order to breathe some new life into our website and forum. I have recently fallen in love with taking on bouldering problems (especially in SSP) but I also can't get enough of sport and trad outdoor climbing when the weather is nice enough! (i.e. Climbing on the SPLAT trip).
Matthew 'Bieber' Sweatman - Nick of the Club
Our nick of the club this year will be Matt or a.k.a 'Bieber'. For this position Bieber has this to say: "I am unfortunately very good with big cucumbers covered all over in vaseline, which causes me intense joy unless I'm being chased by squirrels! This year I endeavour to increase the size of my mixing bowl and eat all of the cucumbers so that there will be plenty of unicorns and narwhals, which i shall still eat when aroused by pink fluffy cabbages".

Previous committees: 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11, 11/12, 12/13.

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