The club has the following rules to be followed at all times to ensure a good time is had by all! Old Farts* are exempt from the rules unless there is an older Old Fart present to enforce the rules.

After climbing:

Lead Fall
Buy your second a pint... unless they let you deck while there is reasonable protection still in the rock.
If all the gear pops and the leader hits the belayer / floor and then the belayer does something heroic like patches them up, shoves his fist into the gaping chest wound to stop the bleeding, cracks a rib breaking the leaders fall, etc then the second deserves a pint (if not more).

Leader pushes their grade
Buy your second a pint, unless you dogged the route and cheated like a bastard.

Leader wimps out on something well within their grade
Buy everyone who saw it a pint to keep them quiet - hasn't worked yet...

Second leaves gear behind
Second abseils down and retrieves it AND buys the leader a pint.

Second gets a piece of the gear well and truly welded into the crack
Second buys leader new piece of gear if all attempts at retrieval fail AND a pint.

Leader gets a piece of someone else's gear well and truly mangled / stuck or has a long fall onto a piece of someone else's gear
Leader buys owner new piece of gear if all attempts at retrieval fail AND a pint.
In all seriousness, if a huge fall is taken a new piece of gear should be purchased for the owner.

In the pub:

Two Pint Challenges:

(1) If you have two drinks on the table (asked for, not bought by some cheeky git trying to catch you out) then,
(2) Both drinks are taken away and hidden behind someone's back.
(3) You pick one arm and the drink from that is returned to you, then...
(4) You down the returned pint,
(5) Upon successfull chugging of the pint you picked, the remaining beverage is returned to you to drink at your leisure
Lucky if you pick the one with only half an inch in it, unlucky if you pick the full one!

The Penny Game:

This game has strictly one penny per game. The aim of the game is to drop a one pence piece into the drink of a fellow club member while they are holding their drink. No-one is exempt from this rule, if you're sitting at our table, you're playing. Upon finishing your drink, the penny is yours to drop in the glass of another, forcing them to down their pint. Be wary!

International Drinking Rules:

International Drinking Rules can be invoked by anyone during the course of an evening. They last until the end of the evening or until the people at the table get bored of enforcing them. International Drinking Rules are:
  • No use of the word "drink" or any of its forms (drank, drunk, drinking, etc.)
  • No naming of body parts
  • No pointing with any appendage past the elbow (fingers, wrists, hands, thumbs etc.)
  • Nobody may use another player's name
  • No swearing
  • Social drinking to be done with a player's left hand only
  • Forfeit drinking to be done with a player's right hand only
  • All glasses on the Designated Drinking Surface must be placed at least an thumb's length from the edge of the Surface
Upon breaking any of the above rules, the offender must drink two fingers of their drink.

Birthday Pints:

Birthday pints are awarded to club members at the nearest social event to their birthday! This is how they work:
(1) A collection is held, everyone present donating at least a pound (more if you want to see this person especially drunk)
(2) The collection of money is taken to the bar, where shots and various other liquids are poured into a pint glass and mixed together
(3) The birthday boy or girl is presented with their birthday pint
(4) Pint is downed

* A member of the club becomes an "Old Fart" upon graduating from the University of Surrey. People joining the club after they've graduated from the University of Surrey are "Lingering Farts".

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