Below are the previous and upcoming trips of the USMC. Be sure also to check out our calendar as well

Previous Trips

Date Trip Location Info
October 2011 Freshers Trip Peak District, England Photos
March 2012 Annual Dinner Peak District Photos
April 2012 Splosh 2012 St Just, Cornwall Photos
June 2012 Splat 2012 Ailefroide, France Photos
22nd - 29th August 2012 Font Fontainebleau, France Photos
6th and 7th October North Wales (trad) Snowdonia, Wales Forum
2nd - 4th November Freshers trip Peak District, England Forum
16th - 18th November The Bunker Portland, England Forum
25th - 27th January Dartmoor barn Dartmoor, UK Map Forum

Upcoming Trips 2012-2013

Date Trip Location Info
15th - 17th March Annual Dinner 2013 North Wales, UK Map Forum
27th - 3rd April Splosh 2013 Cornwall Map Forum
25th - 26th May Pembroke Range West Pembroke Forum

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