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The chairmans pint is a very important ritual performed at all annual dinners.

All chairmen (and chairwoMEN) who attend an annual dinner are given a mucky pint out of the kindness of the hearts of the other atendees. One member of the delegation will bring round a pint glass and ask for monetary contributions, be generous, as every penny will help see the chairmen (and woMEN) rewarded for their previous hard work on the comittee. The acting chairman is given the opertunity to exclude a certain number of drinks (often Baileys and Whiskey are choosen) to help make the pint more appetising. One pint is created per chairman and always of roughly the same mixture, no one is left out.

Once the pints are ready everyone assembles outside to ensure no chundering happens in the venue, we like the venue people after all and want them to like us. The chairmen then down their pints in a drinking competition and are normally serenaded by the 'why was he born so beautiful' song.

After this is completed dancing resumes inside.