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The club organises trips as often as possible, aiming to do one every other weekend. There are however four main trips which always happen and might be further afield. They are:

Freshers trip - The first trip for our new members, this happens late October or early November

Annual Dinner - Our annual dress up, eat posh food and stay in a hotel weekend. This happens at some point between freshers trip and SPLOSH

SPLOSH - A trip to Cornwall over the Easter bank holiday weekend

Font - A trip to Fontainbleau, France over the August bank holiday weekend for some bouldering action

Other long trips of worthy note

Skiing - A trip generally only attended by old farts, normally during the second week of January -ie term time :(

SPLAT - A trip to France over the summer, normally somewhere tall for a spot of sport climbing

And the other trips

That's not it on the trip front, up to every other weekend smaller trips go climbing to all over the countries of the UK (well England and Wales), we don't just have a few biggies, we have the lot. Including Portland, Dartmoor, Swanage, North Wales, Wye Valley and even more of the Peak District amongst other places!

The trips are organised and transport is by minibus or personal car, don't worry if you don't have transport as that's what the minibuses are for.