Annual Dinner

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Annual Dinner is a weekend, organised by the social sec, the location and timing is up to them. Although pressure on when and where to go will often be applied by all members of the club, at every opporuntity.

The basic format is as follows:


Meet at campus and board the bus. Friday night will be spent either in a barn, or camping in a similar vein to a standard trip

Saturday day:

This will be spent climbing. Please remember to leave the crag early, as the girls need to wash their hair and this takes around ~4hours.

Saturday Evening:

The main part of the weekend. This will take place in a posh hotel, where there will be dinner, dancing, awards, and speeches. The night is then spent in the hotel. There will often be a party room, often this room is not chosen by its occupants.

An important part of the night is the chairmans pint (and total immersion competition.


This day is to be spent hungover.

(some people might try climbing, but really?)