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The committee is the group of people who 'run' the club for the year, from September to about the end of July, the bit inbetween is either picked up by the previous or following comittee, we aren't left without one just because lots of people go home!

There are Nine members of the committee


The MainMan in the club

This committee posistion picks up the pieces the others forgot.

They must also have a chairmans pint at Annual Dinner

The past and present chairmen are...

  • 2011-2 Windle
  • 2010-1 Dave West
  • 2009-10 Poppy
  • 2008-9 Weeman
  • 2007-8 Joe Marsh
  • 2006-7 Alex Wood

People whom I don't know the date of

  • Warm Dwarf Matt
  • Jimmedyjimjimjimjim
  • Jez
  • Chevis


The secretary does boring things like sorts out membership lists with the BMC and has a particularly exciting role at Annual Dinner. They also have many other fun roles which illude me.


The treasurer sorts out the money, if the club owes you some bother them! If you owe the club please pay them, simples (as the annoying meerkat might say). They also can oragnise buying things, like gear and other club useful things.

Trips officer

Social secretary

Training officer

Equipment officer

Web geek

Nic of the club

Often seen to be the most important club role by old farts, Nic of the club is normally someone with the name Nic (or Nick) but this does not have to be the case, for instance this year the role is undertaken by Peter 'Stinky' Nick Shaw. Nick of the club has no official role, except to throw their opinion in to the pot.