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The club has a number of drinking games, they are often based on a circle and people take it in turns to complete the game

All games are started with the quoting of a standard phrase

'Ladies and gentlemen of the USMC I would like to initiate a game of <insert game> to my <insert direction [left|right]>'

If someone says this incorrectly the must drink

Standard 21s

Players take it in turns to count up to 21 in order, players may say up to three numbers in their turn, the number of numbers results in different effects:

One number - play continues as expected Two numbers - direction reverse Three numbers - next person in order is skipped.

The aim of the game is to not cock up and not say 21. If you get it wrong or say 21 (or equivalent) you must drink.

You cannot double a double (ie say 2 numbers twice in a row) or triple a triple (say 3 numbers twice in a row)

The person who says 21 is the loser but gets to make a new rule.

New rule examples (all rules stack)

Swap 7 & 8 ie 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,7,9,10...21 Evens become 2 ie 1,2,3,2,5,2,7,2,9,2....21 Combine the two ie 1,2,3,2,5,2,2,7,9,2...21

New words can be used instead of letters.

Roman numerals 21s

The Roman number alphabet is used instead of normal numbers, the letters are pronounced as they are written I (eye), V (ve), X (ex)

The format will go I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI (lose)

Rules can then be added swapping numbers etc.

Ali G 21s

Ali G 21s is based on the popular (and very current) Ali G in da house television programme.

The three Roman numeral letters are replaced with words

I = Iiiii

V = Me Julie

X = Buyakasha

Fuzzy Duck

Fuzzy duck is a circle based game, players take it in turns to say 'Fuzzy Duck' in the correct direction until someone opts to say 'Does He' at which point the direction is reversed and players must say 'Ducky Fuzz'.

The game continues until someone cocks up.