Drinking rules

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There are a number of rules that come in to play when drinking with the club

The penny game

The penny has a beautiful portrait of our glorious monach, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This rules helps her survival.

What happens

This game has strictly one penny per game.

The aim of the game is to drop a one pence piece into the drink of a fellow club member while they are holding their drink. No-one is exempt from this rule, if you're sitting at our table, you're playing. Upon finishing your drink, the penny is yours to drop in the glass of another, forcing them to down their pint. Be wary!

If participants don't drink up contributions may be had to ensure the Queens survival.

Side notes

Old farts are exempt, some times they will play along, it depends how grumpy they are, but it's often not worth wasting your penny.

Should you not remove the penny from your glass after consuming someone else will, it then becomes theirs to reap havok.

Two pint challenge

and Old fart exemptions