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Freshers trip happens once a year and is based in the Peak District.

Because of the term time table this happens during the last week of October or the first week of November. The trip is the first 'real rock' trip for freshers.

Travelling by minibus is the prefered mode of trasport as it's very socialable and you'll get to meet lots of new people. Old farts are on the trip as well as freshers and current students so it's a good mix of people.

Format of trip

Friday afternoon/evening - travel to Peak District

Friday night - consume alcohol - drinking games and drinking rules may be in play

Saturday - climb trad on some real rock

Saturday night - Drink more and visit the local public house

Sunday - more climbing, visintg an indoor wall if the weather is terrible

Sunday night - travel home

Things to remember=

A kit list is provided for a recommendation of what you should have ideally for a trip.

The outdoors is cold so bring lots of layers for the trip!