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General Information

Union minibus fleet is as follows....the buses are known by most by the last 3 letters on their plate. IE LLX or KPG

Current fleet

(tbc -there is more than just LLX)

VXW - 15 seater extra long wheelbase Ford Transit derived minibus, with diasabled access lift (that doesn't work). Handles well, spongey brakes.

RF57 LLX - Has roof rack - 9 Seater Renault Trafic Van (suitable for European trips) H: 2.3m L: 5.2M

- 9 Seater Ford Transit derived Van


KPG, KPE - Ford transits - we loved you. MTO, MTU - Masters - we hated you and the lease company removed you from our midsts.

What to do for UK trips

Buses must be booked by a comittee member, using the form <here -link needs adding>. They can be booked up to 1 month in advance and it's best to do this a month in advance as most of them are normally booked out to BUSA events at weekends. Annual dinner has been problematic before with toher clubs managing to book all buses before us!

The trips also require a lovely health and safety form to be filled in, along with a trip itinary (climbing), group list and location to keep the union happy. The H&S form should work for all trips, so it's not so bad to e-mail over a list of names and the address of barn/camp site.

What to do for Euro trips

These need organising well in advance as the union has to prepare paperwork for the buses, LLX is leased so it's more complicated <other van> isn't so bad. The union will take care of the paperwork as long as it's booked far enough in advance, to drive in France you require these things;

Spare bulbs Triangle High Vis Jacket Insurance and MOT details Magical lease ownership form (LLX only) Minimum of 2 drivers