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Old farts is the term given to those who joined the club and then graduated from the University of Surrey. Old farts do not have to have joined the club in their first year, just prior to one graduation. An old fart could do an undergraduate degree, join the club, becoming lingering fart and then subsequent graduate from a master course.

Old farts have certain rights, which mostly relate to drinking games, unless the rule is enforced by an older old fart.

The longer since graduation the older the old fart is said to be, and the higher up the heirarchy of old fart they are (meaning less people can enforce rules upon them).

Old farts are exempt from the following 'games', but these can be enforced by an older old fart;

the penny game

two pint challenges

Other farts

People who have not graduated from the University of Surrey, but are old can occasionally be given Honourary Old Fart status. This is very rare.

Those who graduate from the University of Surrey but joined after graduating are known as Lingering Farts


It is cliamed that if you graduate twice after joinign gthe club you become a double old fart, and thrice a triple old fart (like Jimmedyjimjimjim), however single old farts (like Blondie) do not recognise this, as it would mean drinking rules could be enforced by much younger old farts.

Old farts are generally either grumpy or not grumpy, like many groups of people.